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Online gifts for Father’s Day: gift ideas to honour dad

The day dedicated to all dads is approaching and that means looking for the perfect gift for ours, which translates into the words ‘I love you’. Many look to the web for inspiration and gift ideas for Father’s Day. The goal? To choose the right, most suitable gift without being unimaginative. The origins of father’s […]

The day dedicated to all dads is approaching and that means looking for the perfect gift for ours, which translates into the words ‘I love you’. Many look to the web for inspiration and gift ideas for Father’s Day. The goal? To choose the right, most suitable gift without being unimaginative.


The origins of father’s day

Father’s day originated in the early decades of the twentieth century to celebrate the figure of the father and fatherhood. In Italy and in other Catholic countries, St Joseph’s day is celebrated on 19th March. According to the faith, it is the day of Joseph’s death, the man who raised Jesus, an example of a model father and husband.

In other countries, Father’s Day has different origins and traditions. From the United States to the United Kingdom, from China to Japan, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. The celebration on this date came from an idea of ​​a girl from Spokelane, in the state of Washington, named Sonora Smart Dodd. In 1909, while attending the sermon on Mother’s Day, she decided to celebrate Father’s Day in honour of hers, a war veteran, who raised his children after the death of his wife during childbirth. On 19 June 1910, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in the United States, in the same month in which Sonora Dodd’s father was born.

In Germany, Father’s Day dates back to the early nineteenth century and coincides with Ascension Day, forty days after Easter. It’s called Männertag or Herrentag, or “men’s day”, and is celebrated in many German cities where groups of men gather and push a cart with alcoholic drinks through the streets. However, in Scandinavian countries it’s celebrated on the second Sunday in November.

In other countries, the festivity is linked to fathers in their National roles, as in Russia, where the feast of the defenders of the fatherland (День защитника Отечества) is celebrated on 23 February, and in Thailand, on 5 December, which coincides with the birthday of Rama IX, the late ruler worshiped as the father of the nation.

In Italy, as mentioned above, the festivity is celebrated on 19 March. Two types of events converge on this date and are common to almost all regions of Italy: bonfires and traditional doughnuts called zeppole. The feast of St Joseph coincides with the day on which winter ends and there is the transition to the spring season, thereby overlapping the days of agricultural purification. The bonfire marks the passage from one season to the next by burning a scarecrow. Even the typical dessert of the festival, the zeppola, has a biblical tradition. According to legend, Giuseppe sold doughnuts to maintain his family in that period.

Gift ideas for father’s day

Dads are our models, our rocks in times of trouble: in other words, our heroes. They taught us to be resourceful and to ride a bicycle. Sometimes they may seem a little tough and authoritarian, but beneath their armour there’s always a heart of gold.

In our eyes, they’re always perfect models for life’s teachings and, sometimes, also in terms of style.

How can we choose the perfect gift for them? Lots of ideas and accessories can be found online, but how do we choose the right one? We might think of updating their wardrobe and therefore enliven their everyday outfits. An accessory they can wear at work, a super-tech travel item, a tie, wallet or belt: there are plenty of gift ideas for Father’s Day. If you need some suggestions for your gift or are looking for an original idea to astound him on his special day, you will find a few ideas below that can be accompanied by a card written from the heart.


Father’s day is the best time to give a watch. If a gesture is worth more than words, giving a watch to your dad has a precise meaning: accompanying his child to adulthood, acting as an example and a point of reference. It’s the right accessory for remembering the time spent being a father. It could also mean “giving the gift of time”, because it recalls happy times spent as a family. Whenever he looks at the time, he will remember you.

But how can you make it special? How do you choose the right one out of the many men’s watches available? Everyone loves customising accessories so that they are unique and become ours. Everyone also loves special editions and exclusive collaborations. An example is the Extra-fort Special Edition for Moreschi watch. Born of a unique collaboration between Eberhard & Co. and Moreschi, two organisations, two companies, two brands united by a common project that sees style, tradition and craftsmanship as the undisputed focus. A limited edition with a linear style and a clean design, a sophisticated, captivating watch, the perfect encapsulation of tradition and modernity. Have it engraved with a small dedication that only you and he can understand to render it even more unique.

orologi di lusso uomo
orologi di lusso Moreschi


A tie is a gift idea with which you can never go wrong. You obviously have to choose a quality tie, possibly handmade and silk that can be worn on any occasion. Giving a tie is the perfect gift, especially because of the meaning and history involved. It’s an accessory of ancient origin, but it’s always fashionable, even nowadays, as a distinctive sign and symbol of elegance. It wasn’t always seen as an elegant accessory as it is today, since the tie started life as a simple handkerchief. At the beginning, Roman legionaries wore a piece of cloth for hygiene and climatic reasons, tied around the neck. In 1661, Louis XIV established the role of the king’s tie maker, in other words, the person who helped the sovereign to tie his cravat. Ties as we know them now were born in 1925, patented by the American tie maker Jesse Langsdorf. Nowadays, it still represents a distinctive sign, which is also used in a casual manner by young people. It is linked to the art and elegance of the tie knot.


Giving our dad a wallet means assuming that we know him profoundly. A wallet is an object that accompanies us in everyday life and preserves our valuables. Since a men’s wallet is not often changed, giving a quality one is always a great idea. Browsing through the various web pages, you will have realised that there are many types: with or without a coin holder, vertical or horizontal, made of leather or fabric, etc. If your dad doesn’t particularly like coins and throws them into his pocket without paying particular attention, I recommend a horizontal wallet with a banknote clip and card slots. As for the colour, I would opt for a classic blue or black, but if your dad is partial to warm colours, choose a natural leather or dark brown colour.

I recommend that you also consider a vertical model, if he like to put his wallet in the inside pocket of his jacket. On the contrary, for more organised dads who use fewer cards and more cash and coins, we can choose a wallet with a coin holder. If the person receiving the wallet is superstitious, insert some money (even just a symbolic penny) and a personalised greeting card.


A belt is without doubt an evergreen gift idea and is an excellent choice for Father’s Day. It’s an accessory that can be used all the time and that’s why it has to be chosen based on your dad’s lifestyle and work. There are belts that are suitable for formal attire, for dads with jobs where the dress code is important and elegant. Belts with a more casual style, for dads who prefer relaxed clothing. However, there are also belts for special occasions, such as ceremonies, or for days out in the open air.

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