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Moreschi celebrates the arrival of spring with its new collection Leaving By The Sea

Spring will knock at our doors on Friday the 20th of March, day of the equinox. So, don’t get caught unprepared and start the fine weather with the Moreschi footwear collection, that pays tribute to the elements of our Earth. The Spring equinox Moreschi and the spring #LeavingByTheSea The spring equinox Traditionally, March marks the […]

Spring will knock at our doors on Friday the 20th of March, day of the equinox. So, don’t get caught unprepared and start the fine weather with the Moreschi footwear collection, that pays tribute to the elements of our Earth.

The spring equinox

Traditionally, March marks the arrival of fine weather: after the cold and harsh climate of winter, the moment has come to take advantage of the longer days, of the more pleasant temperatures and of the blossoming of nature.

Spring has essentially begun, but the day of its equinox for this year, 2020, is marked on Friday the 20th of March.

But what is the spring equinox?

Let’s start from the etymology of the word equinox. It comes from the Latin “equi” and ”nox” and it means “the night is the same as the day”. This is a purely theoretical definition because the night and the day don’t have a similar duration, actually the day predominates over the hours of the night. In reality the equinox just lasts for an instant, and it cannot coincide with a whole day. In the moments of the equinoxes, the day is always a little bit longer than the night.

Spring equinox, Gamma point, ascending node or First Point of Aries, let’s call it what we want but it represents the beginning of spring, in the exact moment in which the Sun will cross one of the two points in the celestial sphere, in which the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect, passing from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere.

For the record, the opposite point corresponds to the autumn equinox, on the 22nd of September.

Of course, the equinox is a phenomenon that also depends on your position on the Planet. While the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the spring event, in fact, in the Southern one the autumnal equinox will take place.

In history the spring equinox was celebrated by all the greatest civilizations because it represented the victory of light over darkness.

The date of the spring equinox is not fixed for calendar matters, it always swings between the 19th and the 20th of March.

The Gregorian calendar, used almost all over the world, is composed by 365 days and it does not correspond perfectly to the solar one, of 365 days and a few hours. For this reason, every four years a leap year calendar is adopted (as for the year 2020) with one day more compared to February, reason why the dates of the equinoxes are variable.

mocassino blu mare Moreschi

Moreschi and the spring #LeavingByTheSea

Moreschi chooses the fresh and wild spirit of nature to illustrate the Spring Summer 2020 with the campaign #LeavingByTheSea.

Days spent on enchanted beaches, hidden among rocks and coves where the vegetation merges with the sea in a swirl of bright and fresh colours. The smell of salt, the sound of the wind that intertwines with branches and the vivid feeling of the sand and stones.

On this campaign’s background, the tones of the elements of the Earth emerge, a colour palette that goes hand in hand with the classic and identifying tones of the brand.

The nuances of the earth, of water and of fire along with the sensation of the air are joined in a whirlwind of emotions for the new Moreschi Campaign.

The blue shades of the collection recall the intense blue of the sea depths and the emerald of the enchanting coves.

The warmer and more neutral shades of the sand of the deserts and of the rocks are the other protagonists of the new campaign.

The bright touch of the collection is given by the colour orange, that recalls the romantic sunsets on the sea with the flame red colour of the sun.

The sensation of the air is expressed in the lightness and freshness of the Moreschi spring footwear.

The elements of the Earth revolve around the Moreschi spring footwear, exalting its relaxed and informal style without forgetting the elegance codes of the brand.

The next season, with clean and dry lines, reinterprets the classic style in a contemporary key, emphasizing the quality of the raw materials, as well as the concept of comfort and versatility.

The Moreschi Spring Summer 2020 footwear collection renovates some of the most representative icons of the brand’s archives.

One of the models that best summarizes the concept of the campaign #LeavingByThe Sea is the woven leather moccasin in dark brown tones.

A classic and iconic model with a leather sole, embellished even more by the leather hides twine that creates completely unique shades with earth tones.

Another model with blue shades of the depth of the sea is the lace-up shoe. With the intertwined effect of its upper that recalls a rope, it stands out thanks to its sole in white rubber with a small leather insert, to accentuate the bond with the earth even more.

Elegance, quality and essentiality, characteristic elements of the dailywear by Moreschi, that underline the sense of belonging to the brand. To know more about the Spring Summer 2020 collection read here.

derby pelle blu Moreschi
mocassino pelle intreccio marrone Moreschi

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