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Choosing the right wine based on the occasion: 5 practical suggestions

Do we know what’s the most suitable wine for every situation? Often it may be difficult for us when we have to choose among the many existing wine labels, whether the wine is Italian or not. Most of all, when we are invited to a friends’ house or when we have to prepare a dinner, […]

Do we know what’s the most suitable wine for every situation? Often it may be difficult for us when we have to choose among the many existing wine labels, whether the wine is Italian or not. Most of all, when we are invited to a friends’ house or when we have to prepare a dinner, or at the Sunday’s lunch at the house of our partner’s relatives. Here are five suggestions to help you to avoid making a bad impression.

  1. Where to buy the wine
  2. Choosing the wine based on the food
  3. Choosing the wine based on the company
  4. Choosing the wine based on the emotion
  5. Choosing the wine based on the price

1.Where to buy the wine

It seems like a trivial suggestion but it’s not. Nowadays you can find wine on any shelf of any supermarket, some of them are very stocked, but there’s no one there to give you a piece of advice. Go to the wine shops nearest to your home or to those that have been recommended to you and let competent people who surely know better advise you, based on your needs and on the occasion. If you don’t have the time or possibility to go to the wine shop physically, use the web. Here you’ll find useful links to buy wine online: Italian wine, French wine, wine from any region or of the preferred price range. Moreover, you’ll find all the information on vineyards, suggestions and gift ideas for the most passionate. You’ll find the curiosities on the wine you have chosen, and you won’t make a bad impression.





2.Choosing the wine based on the food.

The classic rules of the combination of food and wine can sound like a nursery rhyme: structured dish and full-bodied wine; light dish with light wine; fish goes with white wine; meat goes with red wine; the dessert with sweet wine… The cooking methods are very important in choosing the right wine. For example, for oven-cooked meat, game or braised meat, you could opt for wines such as Chianti or Barbaresco. But some meats, the white ones, such as rabbit and turkey also go well with white wines.

Fish-based dishes should be paired with white wines, as the rule says. Your choice could fall on a Verdicchio, a Soave or a Chardonnay, all perfect. However, there are exceptions: full-bodied fish dishes with a strong flavour are well paired with red wines. In this case, however, it’s better not to improvise and rely on the advice of an expert.

The dessert is a dish that cannot miss on great occasions. If you are in charge of the dessert at a friends’ house or if you want to bake a cake for your partner, choose sweet wines. You should know that there’s no choice because only sugary wines such as Muscat, raisin wines and sweet white wines, rigorously served fresh, go well with sugary dishes.

3.Choosing the wine based on the company

When we choose the wine, we have to keep in mind who we’ll share it with. If you know who will receive it or who will savour it with you very well, you should surely choose their preferred bottle or a wine that meets their taste.

If you want to organize a good barbecue in the open air with your friends, the ideal is to combine it with a simple wine, but at the same time able to contrast the aromatic tones of this type of cooking; so let’s opt for an Italian wine such as Sangiovese.

If you want to organize an informal aperitif in a relaxed atmosphere at home, an excellent idea is to serve the guests small quantities of sparkling wine with a dry taste, white or rosé. It’s the moment when we welcome our guests, so we need a delicate undemanding wine with a sweet taste. These types of wine are suitable to accompany fish-based appetizers, vegetable crudités and the classic chips and peanuts.

tappi bottiglia vino

4.Choosing wine based on the emotion

Many friendships were born thanks to wine, some became really important, some lasted just one night.

Through taste it’s possible to evoke sensations and feelings we experienced. Let’s think of wine, enjoyed in the company of friends, of a partner, of the family, but also on our own, perhaps with a good book in front of a fireplace or by the sea.

As Ludwig Feurbach said ” happiness, just like a refined wine, has to be enjoyed sip by sip”. Each sip is an emotion and often, filled by these sensations and memories, we let ourselves be guided in the choice of the right wine, that is most suitable for our occasions.

We try to recreate the same emotions as flashbacks of moments lived tasting some wines.

Often also the label printed on every bottle intrigues us and addresses us in our choice. The labels’ visual language is very subjective, and it connects to our tastes in a completely personal way.

5.Choosing the wine based on the price.

There’s a wine for every wallet. Not always a cheap Italian wine corresponds to a low-quality wine. The price is determined by various factors such as the wine yield, the work in the vineyard and in the cellar, the ageing and the brand.

For example, with a budget of about ten euros you can choose a Tramin and Frescobaldi that guarantees you’ll make a good impression, but also a good Nebbiolo plays its part.

With an average budget, we can find first choice labels on the Italian scene, like a Franciacorta or an Antinori. You can also opt for a Barbaresco, a Barolo or an Amarone.

Moving on to wines with a medium-high price, we can opt for wineries such as Donnafugata, Ferrari and Gaja. Instead, if you have a very high budget, but above all the occasion is super special, choose a Sassicaia, Ornellaia or a Pentro.

Wine is one of the pleasures of life, and it has to be savoured serenely sip after sip. Treasure these simple tips, you won’t have any difficulty in choosing the right label and certainly you won’t make a bad impression.


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